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Stainless steel fastener bolt

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Stainless steel fastener bolt

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There are four methods for surface treatment of stainless steel fastener bolts: the process of forming a cover layer on the surface of the fastener by some means. After the fastener is surface treated, the appearance of the fastener can be more aesthetically pleasing, and the method can improve the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel fastener bolt itself.

Dongtai Baiyi Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. has many years of development, production, sales and service of stainless steel fastener bolts. Accumulated a wealth of advantages and convenient transportation! Processing technology, complete testing methods and advanced production technology, all-weather service. The company has a full set of plumb straightening straightness to ensure an error of 1MM.

Professional fastener bolt specifications: Twist-cut high-strength bolts should be completely unscrewed from the end of the tail plume to the end of the screw, not allowed to miss. Due to the narrow space, high strength bolt wrenches should not be operated. It can be fitted with a heightening sleeve or a hand wrench. When the bolt is low and the deviation value is not large (within 15mm), the bolt can be baked into red with oxyacetylene, and then dripped on the concrete foundation to corrode and affect the basic quality. When the bolt is too high, the upper part must be separated to retighten. When setting the thread, the deviation of the screw height of the oil material must be avoided.

Stainless steel fastener bolt

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