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Stainless steel stud bolt company

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Stainless steel stud bolt company

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How to choose the right stainless steel bolts? The following stainless steel stud bolt company to solve the problem for everyone:

   1. Stainless steel stud bolts and ordinary stainless steel bolts have the same dimensions as thread standards, except that compared with stainless steel hex, it is a one-piece gasket and stainless steel bolts, and the back has anti-slip teeth, which increases The stainless steel bolts are in contact with the surface area of the part equipment, and the combination of the usual stainless steel bolts and washers is more robust and more tensile. The commonly-used stainless steel studs are generally below the M20. Since most stainless steel studs are used on pipes and flanges, they are constrained by the workpiece. The stainless steel studs are relatively less standard than stainless steel hex bolts. some.

   2, stainless steel hex bolts - a wide range of applications, the characteristics of the tightening force gas contrast, the defect is to have a satisfactory operating space when the device, the device can use the wrench, open wrench or glasses wrench, the above wrenches are very demanding Large operating space.

   3, stainless steel cylindrical head hexagonal bolts - is the most widely used of all stainless steel screws, because of its large fastening force, can be operated with an Allen key, the device is very convenient, almost used in various structures, appearance comparison Beautiful and tidy, the defect is that the fastening force is slightly lower than that of the stainless steel hex. Other repeated use will easily damage the inner hex and will not be disassembled.

   4, stainless steel pan head hexagonal bolts - mechanically seldom used, mechanical properties are the same as above, mostly used at home, the primary effect is to add touch surface with wooden materials and add the appreciation of the appearance.

   5, stainless steel headless hexagon socket bolts - some structurally necessary to use, such as the need for a large top force of the top wire structure, perhaps the need to hide the local head of the cylinder.

   6, stainless steel countersunk head hexagon bolts - mostly used in power machinery, the primary effect is the same as the stainless steel inner hexagon.

Stainless steel stud bolt company

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