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Stainless steel stud

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Stainless steel stud

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Stainless steel stud joints use stud bolts, washers, and nuts to fasten the connected parts. Stud joints are used where the connected parts are too thick or bolted due to structural constraints. One of the connected parts is machined with a screw hole, and the remaining parts are machined with a through hole. Can play a loosening effect.

Stainless steel studs are threaded, one end must be screwed into the screw hole of the connected part, called the screwing end; the other end is used to tighten the nut, called the fastening end. The assembly drawing of the bolted joint should also calculate the nominal length of the stud and take the standard value. Where: bm=d (general steel, GB897-88) bm=1.25d (general casting, GB898-88) bm=d (general casting, GB89988) bm=d (general aluminum alloy, GB900-88) a =0.3ds=0.2d

When one of the two connected parts is thicker or not bolted, a stud connection is often used. First, a through hole is formed on the connected base, and a through hole is formed in the other connected member, and both ends of the stud are threaded. When connecting, the screw-in end of the stud is all selected into the screw hole of the base part, and then the other connected piece is put on, and then the washer is placed and the nut is tightened to realize the connection.

The thread used on the stainless steel stud bolt (GB897~900-88) is generally a common thread of coarse teeth. It can also be used as a normal thread or a transitional thread according to the requirements (according to GB1167).

1. The washers connected by the stud bolts can be either flat washers or spring washers;

2. The thread length of the stud bolt can be adjusted according to the thickness of the connecting plate;

3. The thread end line should be separated from the drill depth line to indicate the correct drawing method.

Stainless steel stud

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