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Stainless steel U-bolt manufacturers

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Stainless steel U-bolt manufacturers

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Moisture and moisture proof method for stainless steel U-bolt manufacturers:

    1. An impregnating varnish that does not contain an oxidizing component, such as an epoxy urethane or an undenatured epoxy immersion varnish. Use a paint that does not contain volatile acids. Vibrating machinery uses as much solvent-free paint as possible.

    2. When using the melamine acid impregnating varnish, the curing temperature and curing time should be adjusted. The curing temperature is slightly higher than 130 ° C (such as 135 ° C) and the curing time is greater than 180 min, and it is necessary to strictly implement the process. Especially in the high temperature and humid season, the vibrating screen has a specific internal shape due to the fact that the regular paint in the paint factory is dry (cured) in the sample of the paint factory.

    3, stainless steel U-bolt surface anti-corrosion treatment refers to the use of various methods to apply a maintenance layer on the metal surface, its role is to isolate the metal from the corrosive environment to curb the occurrence of corrosion processes, or reduce corrosive media and metal surfaces Touch to reach the purpose of preventing or mitigating corrosion.

Stainless steel U-bolt manufacturers

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