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Detailed introduction to stainless steel anchor bolts

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Detailed introduction to stainless steel anchor bolts

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The stainless steel anchor bolt is long or double-threaded and is a detachable anchor bolt for the fixed work bolt to be poured into the reserved hole. Grouting is to leave the anchor bolt holes in advance on the foundation. When installing the equipment, put on the anchor bolts, and then whether there are cracks or dents in the screw and thread parts of the anchor. Whether the shape and pitch of the thread are abnormal, there is an abnormal situation. The new replacement connecting rod bolts should be viewed during each repair. Pay attention to the head and guide of the bolt. If the initiator is found to be unstable during operation and there is abnormal noise, it should also be checked in time to check the operation. If it is found that the single bearing bush is too large, it should be replaced and replaced with the connecting rod bolt.

After the installation is completed, the stainless steel anchor bolts are often caused by frequent use of large mechanical equipment subjected to impact loads, preventing fatigue damage after installation and being placed on the screw. In this way, not only can it prevent rust, but it can also prevent external damage. The method is to apply a layer of butter on top of it, then wrap it in plastic film and cut it into 300mm with a slightly larger PVC pipe.

The types of stainless steel anchor bolts are generally divided into fixed anchor bolts, movable anchor bolts and expansion anchor bolts. Different types of anchor bolts are used differently. Fixed anchor bolts are also known as short-foot bolts. These short-foot bolts are integrated with the foundation of the building or equipment. The fixed equipment is generally quiet and vibration-free equipment, such as some The fence is fixed using this fixed anchor bolt. The movable anchor bolt is also known as the long anchor bolt. This anchor bolt is special. It is called special because it is a detachable anchor bolt. The anchor bolts are fixed on heavy-duty large equipment with strong vibration and shock. For example, the ball mill is fixed by using the movable anchor bolts.

Dongtai Baiyi has complete testing methods and advanced production technology to provide round-the-clock service. The company has the results of a full set of processing products for anchor bolts. The solution is very simple. Buy stainless steel anchor bolts once and for all!

Stainless steel anchor bolt

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