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What is the reason for the rust of stainless steel fastener bolts?

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What is the reason for the rust of stainless steel fastener bolts?

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With the development of society, people's lives no longer pursue the change of quantity, but a qualitative leap. In order to adapt to the development of society, the fastener industry is changing, not only to pursue practicality, but also to achieve diversification. Beautiful and practical products often like customers. Stainless steel fastener bolts are gradually entering the lives of ordinary people. However, over time, it turns out that stainless steel is virtually rust free. Although stainless steel is difficult to rust, it may rust for a long time in an organic acid environment.

Maybe we all think that stainless steel won't rust, but in fact, stainless steel will rust because the stainless steel surface has a protective film. In fact, stainless steel is called stainless steel, but there is a film on the surface to prevent oxidation and corrosion, but if it disappears and destroys for some reason, it will lose its protection. It will continue to be corroded. What are the specific reasons for the rust of stainless steel fastener bolts?

First point: stainless steel fastener bolt surfaces are often dust and other metal particles. If the surrounding environment is relatively moist, it will react and destroy the protective film.

The second point: the surface is covered with some noodle soup or other impurities to form an organic acid, and the long-term organic acid has a certain destructive effect on the metal.

The third point: due to surface dust and polluted air protection, encounter special circumstances: nitric acid, condensate and so on.

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