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Introduction to stainless steel studs

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Introduction to stainless steel studs

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1, stainless steel studs are divided into 201 materials, 304 materials, 316 materials and special materials according to the material. The difference is the chemical composition of stainless steel, such as NI.CR.C.MU. Different materials have anti-rust ability and different stretching ability.

2, according to the wire diameter of the stainless steel stud type, specifically from M4, M5, M6, M8, M10 ... all lengths can be customized according to different requirements of different lengths. Traditional strips are 1 meter in length. Of course, some projects require 16 * 120, 20 * 260, etc.

3, stainless steel tooth strips will have different degrees of positive and negative effects in the production process, usually the positive and negative work of the small rack reaches about plus or minus 1 and can be controlled at plus or minus 20S. For better mounting and twisting, the diameter of the rod can be controlled to a negative value of about 0.2.

4, stainless steel studs use precautions, 201 material is hard, pay attention to the use of professional wrench tools when used, 304 tooth paste soft, there should be brute force when biting, you can use lubricants, such as butter.

5. Stainless steel bars provide greater convenience for social production and life due to their special ingredients. Dongtai Huayite Steel Products Factory will be more professional and focus on every customer. To provide the best service for the majority of users.

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