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What are the tests for the custom shipment of stainless steel bolts?

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What are the tests for the custom shipment of stainless steel bolts?

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The bolts we produce are also called fasteners, also called standard parts. Customers need stainless steel bolts to customize. After we produce them, we usually need to check all the bolts when we deliver them to customers. Let me introduce you to the experience of delivery to customers after customizing stainless steel bolts. See what we have to test all the standard parts, fasteners, and bolts.

First of all, the fasteners, standard parts, bolts, we have to test the material, to see the production of the material does not meet the customer's requirements.

The second is to test the bolts, standard parts, fastener types, specifications, and dimensions of all aspects. Look at the national standard requirements, or the customer's drawings, customer samples.

Again, it is the thread inspection of bolts, standard parts and fasteners. See if the bolt thread can pass the stop gauge, as well as the plating test of the bolt, and see if the plating meets the customer's requirements. The salt spray test time can not meet the requirements, how many hours of salt spray test time can be passed.

After that, the selection and inspection of the bolts are selected. The bolts that do not meet the requirements are selected, and the bad bolts are selected. There are also customer tags and other tests.

The inspection of bolts, standard parts and fasteners is for better service to customers, and customers feel that we are more professional. In this way, customers can be assured of bold purchase orders.

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