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Stainless steel U-bolts commonly used in pipe installation

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Stainless steel U-bolts commonly used in pipe installation

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Stainless steel U-bolt, also known as u-shaped card. A type of bolt commonly used in pipe installations to secure pipes. This bolt is shaped like a U. Used to link two firmwares.

1. Material properties Density, flexural strength, impact toughness, compressive strength, modulus of elasticity, tensile strength, temperature resistance, and color are determined according to the use environment.

2, commonly used materials are carbon steel, galvanized, stainless steel. Among them, stainless steel materials are 304, 321, 304L, 316, 316L, 317, 317L, 310S.

3. National standard for stainless steel U-bolts: JB/ZQ4321-1998

U-bolts are divided into iron according to the material, that is, carbon steel and stainless steel. Stainless steel is available in stainless steel SUS201 and stainless steel SUS304.

Dongtai Baiyi Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. mainly produces stainless steel tooth bars, stainless steel U-bolts, stainless steel stud bolts, quality assurance! The company strives to continuously innovate, strengthen management, improve quality, and continuously improve. Welcome new and old customers to call to buy.

Stainless steel U-bolt

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