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The price of stainless steel bolts is subject to actual consultation.

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The price of stainless steel bolts is subject to actual consultation.

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       Stainless steel bolt price, the parameters are for reference only, whichever is the case. Product parameters stainless steel bolt brand, warranty period is not limited to after-sales service 24 hours online consultation payment method cash transaction; bank transfer; cash on delivery; online payment product grade senior after-sales maintenance area national price negotiation product details. Stainless steel bolts are mainly composed of two parts: the metal casing and the bolt of the cylinder. They are mainly used for anchoring concrete, walls and foundations. Expansion bolts with different mechanical properties can be selected according to different needs. Commonly used model specifications are: M6/M8/M10/M12/M14/M16, the performance grades are mainly: 45/50/60/70/80, the materials used are austenitic A1/A2/A4 and martensite and Ferrite C1/C2/C 4 is dominant. The requirements for bolts on the ground are of course harder and better. The strength of the bolts installed in concrete (C13-15) is five times that of bricks.

       Dongtai Baiyi has complete production equipment, fine processing, quality assurance, sample processing before undertaking processing business, and business cooperation after customer approval to ensure customer benefits. We have been striving for excellence for a long time, constantly exploring and innovating, and trained a group of skilled and experienced production staff to provide reliable guarantee for the quality of stainless steel bolts. The company has always followed the principle of good faith management, after the customer orders, insist on The products were sent to the customer in time during the negotiation period, and won a good reputation and solid customer relationship and service in the customer base.

      "Excellent quality, customer satisfaction" is our goal. The company is guided by market demand, constantly innovating, and dedicated to providing customers with quality and trustworthy stainless steel bolts. Our products have always used wholesale; retail; direct sales to supply and supply, in order to meet the needs of users, we also use land transport; water transport; air transport (freight: negotiate between buyers and sellers), sincere and reliable trading model to ensure customer confidence. For a more in-depth understanding of stainless steel bolt prices, please call us.

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