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Special stainless steel stud bolts meet national standards

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Special stainless steel stud bolts meet national standards

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Stainless steel stud bolts are manufactured from common stainless steel materials. The characteristics of solid machinery combined with the characteristics of stainless steel materials and the special requirements of the petrochemical industry for fasteners are based on the national standard 5782, 5783, and based on the petrochemical industry standards, combined with the use of mechanical advanced high-strength bolt processing machinery. , after special processing, made special special stud bolts for the petrochemical industry.

All petrochemical special stainless steel stud bolt products of Dongtai Huayite Steel Products Factory have the following characteristics in addition to the requirements of national standards:

1. The product quality is guaranteed, and the products are processed and supplied in strict accordance with the requirements of the customers for the customer's acceptance.

2. Have a sound management service system to ensure product quality and after-sales service.

3. A full-time technician will answer your technical questions.

4. Quality tracking service, regular return visits to customers to understand the use of products to provide better services.

5. Dongtai Huayite Steel Products Factory provides you with professional knowledge of bolt fasteners.

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