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Stainless steel bolts with metric and inch sizes

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Stainless steel bolts with metric and inch sizes

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Many of our customers don't know what type of stainless steel bolts they need. The distance between each type of stainless steel bolts is different. Let's take a look at the bolts from this aspect.

Pitch: Also called pitch, refers to the axial distance of two adjacent points on the median line or the distance between adjacent shanks or valleys. It is calculated in units of metric and imperial systems.

1. The metric pitch is directly marked by the distance (mm mm), such as M8*1.25, where 1.25 or M8 has a tooth pitch of 1.25 mm. Sometimes it is customary for people to use the common metric thread to save the back tooth distance, for example: M8, which defaults to a tooth pitch of 1.25MM. Of course, you can not abbreviate as much as possible, so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

2, the method of measuring the pitch of the threaded or inch nut is marked by the number of teeth contained in 1 inch unit, for example: 1/4-20, 20 of which means 20 teeth per inch, conversion In metric units, it is equivalent to 1.27MM. Of course, it cannot be 1.27. For a uniform standard thread, less than 1/4 inch in diameter, its diameter is no longer used. The scores such as "1/4" are represented by numbers, that is, 10#, 8#, etc. among 10#-24, 8#-32, which are common to us.

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