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How to determine the salt spray test of stainless steel bolts?

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How to determine the salt spray test of stainless steel bolts?

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From the beginning of the stainless steel product to the red rust time, it is the time for the salt spray test. Put stainless steel bolts inside, pay attention to test chamber seal, salt spray concentration ratio, test chamber temperature and test time

Test standards are uniform rules for repetitive things and overviews. The salt spray test standard specifies the salt spray test conditions, such as temperature, humidity, sodium chloride solution concentration and pH value, and also provides technical requirements for performance. Which salt spray test standard is adopted for the same product is selected according to the characteristics of the salt spray test, the corrosion rate of the metal, and the sensitivity to salt spray. The following describes several salt spray test standards, such as GB/T2423.17-2008 "Electrical and electronic products basic environmental test procedures test Ka: salt spray test method", GB/T2423.18-2000 "Electrical and electronic products environmental test part 2 : Test test Kb: salt spray, alternating (sodium chloride solution), GB5938-86 "corrosion resistance test method for metal plating and chemical treatment layer of light industrial products", GB/T1771-91 "color paint and varnish resistant Determination of salt spray performance, SH/T 0081-91 "Petrochemical industry standard - anti-rust oil salt spray test method".

The purpose of the salt spray test is to assess the salt spray corrosion quality of products or metal materials. The salt spray test results are judged on the quality of the product. The judgment result is correct and reasonable. It is a correct measure of the product or metal salt spray resistance. The key to corrosion quality. The methods for determining the salt spray test results include: rating determination method, weighing determination method, corrosion occurrence determination method, and corrosion data statistical analysis method.

The rating judges that the percentage of the ratio of the corrosion area to the total area is divided into several levels according to a certain method, and one level is used as the basis for the qualification judgment, which is suitable for the evaluation of the flat sample.

Weighing judgment is to judge the corrosion resistance quality of the sample by calculating the weight of the corrosion loss before and after the corrosion test. It is especially suitable for evaluating the corrosion resistance of a certain metal.

Corrosives are a qualitative method of determining whether a product is corroded after a salt spray corrosion test. This method is mostly used in general product standards.

Corrosion data provides a means of designing corrosion tests, analyzing corrosion data, and determining the confidence of corrosion data. It is primarily used to analyze and count corrosion conditions, rather than specifically for the quality determination of a particular product.

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