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Brief description of the grade and application of stainless steel U-bolts

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Brief description of the grade and application of stainless steel U-bolts

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Low-strength stainless steel U-bolts, and the other is high-strength stainless steel U-bolts. The strength levels are 3.6, 4.8, 5.6, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9. Wait for ten levels. U-bolts with a material strength of 6.8 or lower are of low strength type, while materials with a strength of 6.8 or higher are of high strength type.

Stainless steel U-bolts, as the name suggests, have threads on both ends and the middle part of the screw is smooth. Studs are typically large in diameter and have long been used to attach mechanical fasteners such as bridge works, hanging towers, large buildings, and the like.

Stainless steel U-bolts are commonly used in applications such as anchor bolts for thicker connections where ordinary bolts are impractical. How to specify stainless steel U-bolt specifications: thread size d = M10, nominal length L = 70mm, performance class 4.8, etc. Correct label: GB / T901M10×70

Main place of work:

1. Studs are usually used where the connection thickness is large and the connection length is long.

2. In environments without hexagonal bolts, such as monorail suspensions, concrete roof trusses, etc.

3. Use large equipment such as mechanically sealed seat bolts, deceleration frames, etc. As a mechanical attachment, studs are often disassembled and, once worn, are quick and easy to replace.

Stainless steel U-bolt

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